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mermaid spray | hair growth, strength and health

In a 2 ounce spray bottle add:


•10 drops lavender

•10 drops peppermint

•10 drops cedarwood

•10 drops rosemary

•Splash of Witch Hazel or a pinch of salt

Fill rest of the way with water. Spray on scalp (dry or wet hair) nightly and comb through.

dry shampoo |

In a mason jar  or salt and pepper shakers add:

•3-4 tbsps of corn starch
•1 tbsp cinnamon or clove powder (to darken it up for us brunettes!)
•10-15 drops total of essential oils that are good for hair (choose from lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, and rosemary)

Mix it all up and apply it with a makeup brush on different parts of your scalp. Massage in well. If you see any white residue, use damp hands and run them through your hair.

jasmine hair serum | 

Fill a 1-2 ounce dropper bottle half way with jojoba oil, and half way with olive oil. Add 15 - 20  drops of Jasmine essential oil or any other essential oil you prefer!


Use on the ends of your hair to add shine, tame fly aways, add you can apply on your scalp as a hair mask!

hot oil hair mask |

Use warm ghee or coconut oil and add a few drops each of oils that are great for hair growth, strength and health. 




peppermint (feels good if you have head tension)




ylang ylang

Leave it on for 20-30 min, shampoo out 2x, condition as normal.

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