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Black Friday | Gift Guide


1 | Air Doctor The best air purifier! Air and water purification are my two first steps for less toxic living!

2 | Lumebox portable, low EMF, near infrared and red light device.

3 | Therasage the best portable, foldable, zero EMF infrared sauna

4 | LifePro Vibration Plate great for the lymphatic system!

5 | Dry brush get that lymphatic system moving! Great for kids and adults!

6 | King Coffee 100% organic coffee, tested for mold, contains ganoderma spore powder. "Organo coffee is different to regular coffee because it contains Ganoderma, which is renowned in the world of natural medicine to relax the brain and heart, giving you a smooth focused energy with no reported crash, and will not over excite the body in a negative way."

7 | Prana Mat My favorite acupressure mat!

8 | Under counter reverse osmosis water system

9 | Castor oil pack Give that liver some love! Helpful for constipation, insomnia, etc. Do not use during pregnancy.

10 | Lumen metabolic health indicator. Detects whether in fat burning or carb burning. Helpful for blood sugar control.



1 | Cuisinart Air Fryer stainless steel air fryer/toaster oven

2 | Frother I love using this frother for supplement mixing, coffee, protein powder mixing, etc!

3 | Instant Pot the easiest most versatile tool in the kitchen. Stainless steel inner pot.

4 | Pyrex glass food storage to reduce plastic use!

5 | Beeswax food wrap reduce plastic wrap use! These work well for me!

6 | Stasher food storage love these for leftover or produce storage, fine for freezer too!

7 | Vitamix

8 | 360 stainless steel cook and bakeware



1 | EMF blocking blanket

2 | Blue light blocking glasses

3 | Radiation free air tube headphones

4 | Lumebox portable device

5 | Organic cotton radiation blanket

6 | EMF blocking labtop mat

7 | Computer glasses to help with digital eye strain

8 | EMF blocking phone pouch (could be helpful if a man is going to have his phone in his front pocket to use this)



1 | Araza HEALING makeup the cleanest makeup out there! Your face will thank you!

2 | Toups and Co tallow balm ( also like their foundation for a heavier feel, use Araza foundation most days)

3 | Just Ingredients protein powder, deodorant, face serum, chapstick

4 | Air Doctor the best air purifier! On sale through the first week of December.

5 | BLDG Active Skin Repair and easy clean swap! Great for anything from diaper rashes to eczema to skin abrasions.

6 | A Healthier Home

7 | Clean dishwasher detergent - 50 free loads with this link (subscription, very easy to cancel or change) OR Clean laundry detergent 300 free loads with this link, no subscription

8 | Clean home bundle (love these cleaning products)

9 | Travel stainless steel water bottle for on the go filtering can fill up with water from the water foundation and drink filtered water through the straw! No need to remineralize with Clearly Filtered, it does not affect mineral status of water.



1 | Kiwi Co subscription

2 | Sensory Joy Swing This swing is so versatile and grows with children as they get older they can use differently. Provided vestibular input to soothe stress and calm the nervous system. Just 5 minutes can be a great help for kids!

3 | Organic cotton pajamas from Hanna Andersson

4 | Ribbon wand Anything to get kids up and moving!

5 | Organic cotton EMF blocking blanket love this blanket for kids to sleep in. Prioritizing EMF reduction during sleep can be a very first step towards EMF protection.

6 | Kids Hydroflask 18/8 stainless steel cup

7 | Mini trampoline - great for the lymph system

8 | Opinel Knives Mini knife and peeler safe for children

9 | Mama Sing My Song

Code naturalnursemomma for 10% off

The SWEETEST gift I have given to my children. A personalized song for your child to know how much you CHERISH them!

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